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  2. Someone hand me my muse.


  3. Sans Titre, Sans Mots

    Je pense que
    Je vois que
    Les mots
    En motions.

    Tous qui
    Me partent pas
    Et peuvent jamais
    Me partent.

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    Vivian Maier Reflections in the park

  7. Man crush. It’s not shameful to love Morrissey.

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  9. Alfred Hitchcock in Cannes by Francois Gragnon, 1963.
    I am the sea

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  10. Kenosha.


    Summer jams from a badass lady band. I would definitely jump around and bump into sweaty people at a bar to this music. 

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  11. Band Of Outsiders (1964)

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  12. Being lazy and not putting up my own photos here. I shall come back soon, as it is summer. Also, a new camera is in the works. Thrills and excitement.

  13. Obligatory happy birthday morrissey post.

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    Echo and The Bunnymen

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    The 400 Blows (1959)

    Military two-step…

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